Sunday, May 3, 2009

Merry Month of May

On the homeschool schedule for the next 5 weeks:

9th grader:
reading list:
Tom Wolfe’s The Right Stuff
finish DK’s America’s Century
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, watch Teaching Company lecture
TH White’s Once and Future King (possibly only the first book or 2)
last 3 chapters of Foerster’s Algebra, plus do the word problems I’ve been avoiding!
fit in at least 2 more geology field trips from Rise and Fall of San Diego
finish health book and create a final project
final projects for 2 charter school classes
final project in computer programming
Par Kour classes twice a week
apply for Zoo corp

12th grader:
finish IEW co-op class
tech week and 10 shows of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat
write two essays for honors award applications
cinematography final project
vocal ensemble concert
behind the wheel driver’s ed class
weekly theater class

Both must have work samples ready next week, final exams and projects ready early June.
Both have one more Sunday singing with Youth Choir then the awards dinner to attend

But wait -- there's more!

On the mommy schedule for the next 5 weeks:

Finish reading Right Stuff, Sir Gawain and Once and Future King; study Algebra
rearrange lessons for my 5 violin students around rehearsals and productions of:
Pirates of Penzance - 2 dress rehearsals and 4 performances, immediately followed by
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat -- 3 dress rehearsals and 10 performances
Faure's Requiem - 1 more orchestra rehearsal, 1 dress rehearsal, 2 church service performances
Quartet rehearsals for June gig with vocal group

Clean the house, do a bit of gardening to get ready for visits from family who are arriving for my niece’s college graduation in the middle of the last weekend of Joseph performances.

Plan something for 12th grader’s graduation.


Who has time for a Swine Flu pandemic?!!