Friday, September 18, 2009


I spend my life organizing and managing things, driving, teaching, coaching and cajoling. I am not one fulfilled by completed tasks, however. I can easily ignore dirty dishes in the sink. I recharge by reading, researching and wasting time on pointless video games on my iPod Touch. Aurora Feint is my addiction, though I also love Chicktionary.

But not being motivated by that great feeling of completed tasks leaves me here on a Friday afternoon, surrounded by all that is undone. The clumps of dog fur that need to be vacuumed. The laundry sitting wrinkled in the drier. The bills that need to be paid. The Beethoven that hasn't been practiced.

So in keeping with the spirit of doing anything but housework, I now shall stop and count my blessings, listing all that I have accomplished this week:

  • My quartet rocked the sanctuary last Sunday playing Mozart at 2 services.
  • I got the orchestra music organized, numbered and passed out.
  • Created a schedule flier to give to all the orchestra members.
  • Taught 3 violin lessons.
  • Played in orchestra rehearsal.
  • Finished reading Life of Pi.
  • Read Persuasion and sighed once again over the line "You pierce my soul". I am such a sap!
  • Drove ds#1 to the train station for college classes Monday and Tuesday
  • Drove ds#2 to robotics, par kour and mock trial classes
  • Reviewed and corrected 3 geometry lessons (not much to correct, really).
  • Taught 2 Spanish lessons.
  • Cajoled ds#2 to write an overdue thank you note (which he finally did.)
  • Celebrated with ds#1 and family over his acceptance into the internship of his dreams.
  • Reviewed biology chapter and watched a dvd lecture in order to finish planning for the week.
  • Poked about on internet for inspiration for writing assignments to give to ds#2 next week.
  • Walked ds#1 through his first banking transaction.
  • Met a friend who is recovering from an operation to get a bit of slow exercize with her.
  • Tackled the dishwasher filter system to try to figure out why dishes aren't coming clean.
  • Made dinner last weekend -- 2 nights in a row!
  • Remembered to buy ice cream at the grocery store...

By the end of the day there will be a few more things to add to the list, then it is time for some wine and movie watching with the family!

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