Wednesday, December 16, 2009

(Not very) Wordless Wednesday

Here are some pictures of Team 135's adventures at the FTC robotics competition held in the Los Angeles area last Saturday. While our team came in 13th out of 14 due to a series of battery issues, we homeschool moms and dads were really proud because our kids didn't give up, and kept working on and tinkering with the bot until it was time to pack up and go home. They spent last night's meeting planning on redesigns and solutions to other problems that they can fix before the next competition in mid-January.

In the "pit area" tinkering on the bot.

In the staging area before the first round.

Our sparkly MC who works at JPL.
Someone joked they had never met an extroverted engineer until that day!

Each team gets to have 2 drivers and one coach on the field for each round.

One of the rounds in which our bot actually moved and scored points...

Our motley but loveable team of homeschooled kids!

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  1. That first photo looks like they are really concentrating. I'll bet they fix the issues and really shine by Jan!