Monday, January 25, 2010

Homeschool Mondays: reality check

I was going to write about how to create a course, or more specifically how I create a course around my ideas and all the materials I find while researching.

But I think I need to throw in a caveat here. All the brilliant plans, exciting reading lists, and carefully delineated check lists don't do any good sometimes because life gets in the way, or more often than not, your student just doesn't "get 'er done". My 10th grader is in many ways the ideal homeschooler. He loves to read, is inquisitive and articulate. But he has hit a wall this year, which I can partially attribute to his stage of life -- the brain-dead-throes-of- puberty-stage. Much of it, too, is pure laziness. He is still doing good work, but just enough to get by and all at the last minute.

I'm distracted by all the details involved in packing up my oldest for his move across country so I'm not being a hyper vigilant and involved homeschool mom. Ah the guilt!! Here I want to blog about homeschooling to encourage others to find the wonderful world outside the curriculum box and yet I can barely squeeze an essay out of my 10th grader. Ack! The hypocracy!

The reality check is that I'm like every homeschool mom: wracked by doubt and second guessing and positive that all those other moms are really doing a much better job....

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